Varovitets waterfall

Varovitets waterfall

Every product at is unique by itself. They are all author’s works and and you won’t find them in other online stores, galleries or stock sites. The authors – elenajs and spstefanov are time-tested Bulgarian photographers with impressive portfolios and a number of awards and exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad.
Technical description of the products:
Printing on PVC foil, wrapping on PVC 5mm thick.
Manufactured using eco solvent printing with a large resolution on PVC foil wrapped on a 5mm thick PVC surface. Every part includes a hanging system. The product has guaranteed quality. If you request the product can be wrapped with transparent UV foil which alters the product’s final price.
Printing on CANVAS*, stretching on sub frame
Eco solvent printing with a high graphical resolution on a canvas made of cotton and linen covered with satin polish for better color rendering and better mechanical and UV stability. The stretched sub frame is made of dry pine wood. Every part is equipped with a hanging system. ____________________________________________________________________

*Canvas is a thick material woven from threads made of a flexible material with a textured surface. It is made from hemp, linen, cotton or a synthetic material. The variation of the relative moisture of the material doesn’t influence the canvas’ properties and the quality of the printed image or the time it takes for the ink to dry on its surface. Because of its properties it is used in art for making oil paintings. In printing it is used for portraits, art and designer graphic with high resolution, for reproduction or copies of paintings highly similar with the original. It has many names such as canava, canavaca or canvas.

Every product is completely finished and doesn’t need additional processing except choosing where to hang it. The given sizes are a sum of all the pieces together.

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Tags: Waterfall, Varovitets, Etropole, Bulgaria, water, autumn, yellow, gold, brown, nature, landscape, panorama

Every product at is unique by itself. They are all author’s works and and you won..