Delivery Information

The delivery is fulfilled using the courier company Econt Express, after finalizing the order completion procedure and its confirmation.

After the handover of the goods from the seller to the courier by a representative of matching the requirements given by Econt Express then the delivery is under the jurisdiction of the courier company and is delivered to the buyer according to the delivery terms and conditions of the company published here:

Right after the delivery, the ordered items can be strictly examined by the buyer or a certified individual. Potential damage on the product is to be reported immediately back to the SELLER! In case damage on the products is discovered, which was done during the delivery of the goods, the SELLER is not responsible for the warranty of the ordered goods. In cases which the SELLER specifies exact date and time for delivery in the form, the statement has binding force. In case of wrong or invalid address, person to contact or phone number when filling the form, the SELLER is not obligated by any means of fulfilling the order.

When handing over the ordered items the client or an authorized individual must sign the required documents. An authorized individual is considered everyone who is not occupant of the form, but accepts the package and is on the indicated address.

In case of declining to receive the package, except the cases written below, declination is considered groundless and the client is due to pay the delivery and return of the goods. In case the client is not found in the deadline of the order completion on the indicated address or access and conditions are not provided for the delivery to completed, the SELLER is freed from the obligation to deliver the requested goods.

In case which the delivered goods do not match the requested ones by the client, can be easily determined by just examining it, the client may want the delivered to him merchandise to be replaced with matching goods in a form filled by him for a purchase, 24 hours after the obtaining the goods.