Terms & Conditions


General terms and conditions of the services offered by the e-shop

1.    The following document contains the general terms and conditions according to which the SELLER offers services to the buyers/clients using the e-shop of stock-artdecor.com. These conditions are to be met by all users. With the click of the PAY button the user agrees and accepts the current general terms and conditions.

2.    Identification of the client with the purpose of reproducing his declaration of acceptance of the general terms and conditions, the placed order, is done by keeping the saved files in a log – stock-artdecor.com’s server files, safe-keeping of the user’s IP address and any other information.

3.    The products are found on the web page of stock-artdecor.com and are not a legally binding offer but only a grandstand online catalog describing the seller’s product line. All photos of the products are copyrighted under the COPYRIGHT LAW AND RELATED RIGHTS. Their copying, distribution or commercial use by others is strictly forbidden. Demonstrative photos-views of the decorations are tentative, and everyone has to figure out what size it will need in proportion to the size of a room, furniture or other objects.

4.    After clicking the “PAY” button the clients are agreeing to buy the goods in their shopping cart. This action has legally binding force. The client receives an order confirmation and with that confirmation the contract is considered signed.

5.    The SELLER keeps the right to refuse to ship of a confirmed order in case of which the goods are unobtainable. In case of no availability in storage, within 5 working days the SELLER must inform the client about the depletion by sending an e-mail to the given address or calling the client’s phone number. In case a transaction is made to the seller the client can choose between giving up the order and being given a refund or placing another replacement order.

6.    The official language is Bulgarian and the transactions made are in Bulgarian LEV. All prices are final and have VAT included.


7.    The user/client carries the risk of damage or loss of the goods after the shipment. Right after handing over the goods to a courier company the SELLER is freed from the risk which transfers to the client. The SELLER does not take responsibility in case of delay caused by the courier company or other delay conditions caused by natural disasters or similar.

8.    After the delivery, the goods are to be reviewed by the client or an authorized individual. If the goods are found damaged the client should immediately report to the SELLER. In case damage to the goods, which has been done during the transportation, is found, the SELLER does not responsible for the warranty service of the goods. In cases which particular date and time of the delivery are stated by the SELLER in the form, the statement has binding force. In case of wrong address, phone number, and/or individual stated in the order form, the SELLER is not obligated to fulfill the order.

9.    When receiving the goods the client or an authorized by him individual must sign the documents accompanying it. An authorized individual is considered everyone who is not stated in the order form but receives the goods or is on the given by the client address. If the delivery is declined the client is obligated to pay the bills for delivery and return of the goods, except in the cases stated below. In case the client cannot be found in the in the deadline of the delivery on the stated address or there is no access to him or conditions for the goods to be delivered, the SELLER is freed from the obligation to deliver the ordered goods.

10. When the delivered goods differs from the ordered one by the client, which can be determined just by examining it. The client can require the delivered goods to be replaced with goods which he had ordered in a 24 hour period after receiving it.


11. The SELLER offers a warranty document to his clients for the goods bought by them IF such document is provided by the goods manufacturer. In the document are stated address and phone number of the authorized service stations, warranty conditions of these service stations or manufacturer warranty of the goods bought by the client.


12. The prices stated on the webpage of the e-shop are final and are VAT included, they do not include packaging and transport to the given by the client address. Transport expenses for the delivery of the purchased goods are to be paid by the client if there isn’t a clear trade offer or a promotion stated by the SELLER. In case the goods are to be delivered outside of the Bulgarian Republic the client is obligated to pay all customs fees according to the current legislation of the country he is in.


13. The client has the opportunity to view /after or without registration/ and order the shown goods on the e-shop stock-artdecor.com

14. The client has the right to be informed about the condition of his order.

15. The client bears full responsibility of keeping his username and password and of all actions done by him or someone else with that username and password. The client is obligated to immediately inform the SELLER in case of unauthorized use of his username and password or in case of possible unauthorized use of his/her account.

16. The client is obligated to pay the price of the order by the stated way on the webpage of stock-artdecor.com after he has chosen a payment method.

17. Every user of the e-shop stock-artdecor.com when using the site’s services is obligated to:

·         Not break the general rules and to respect the general rights of the citizens and human rights according to the Constitution of the Bulgarian Republic, its laws and international acts.

·         Not offend anyone and not to cause violation of the constitutionally established order, not to commit crime, not to abuse or offend anyone, racially, by nationality or other religious or ethnic ways.

·         Not violate others’ property or non-property, absolute or relative rights such as right of owning property and others.

·         Comply the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws, rules of the moral and good manners while using the services offered by stock-artdecor.com

·         Immediately notify the SELLER in case of committed violation notable when using the e-shop’s services.

·         Not upload, send, transfer or use in any such way where third party software, computer programs, files, applications, or other materials, containing computer viruses, systems for unauthorized control (Trojan horses), or any materials meant to break, complicate the normal functioning of computer hardware, software or telecommunicational equipment, or anything meant to gain unauthorized access of foreign resources or software.

·         Not commit malicious actions

·         Compensate the SELLER and other third parties for all suffered damage and missed gains, including all expenses and payed lawyer rewards, caused by third party claims or payed compensation of third parties in connection with web pages, hyper-connections, materials and information which the user has used, uploaded to the server, sent, or given to third parties using znaci-zbut.com in violation of the law, current General terms and the rules of moral and good manners.

18. The client is obligated to give an accurate and valid phone number, physical address, e-mail address, pay the price of the goods, pay the delivery expenses when it is not free, and to provide access and a way to receive the goods. In case it is expressly stated that the delivery is free it is considered gainful.


19. The SELLER has no obligation or way to control the way that his clients use the offered by him services.

20. The SELLER has the right but not obligation to save materials and information located on the e-shop’s server.

21. The SELLER has the right to cease his service at any time without notifying the client if the client is using the services and he is breaking the current terms and conditions or if the seller decides he can cease or change his service provision using the website. The SELLER is not responsible for his clients or third parties who have underwent harm because of the stopping, change, limited service, deletion, modification, loss, inaccuracy, or not full messages, materials or information which were used and saved by the e-shop stock-artdecor.com.

22. After receiving the payment the SELLER is obligated to transfer the property of the client’s purchase to him, deliver it in the deadline stated and check the technical order of every product (in case it is possible without breaking the product’s seal)]

23. The SELLER is not responsible for damage caused on software, hardware or telecommunication equipment, loss of data caused by materials or resources, searched loaded or used in any way by the delivered services. Advice and consultation, help indicated by specialist and the SELLER’S employees in connection with usage of the services by the client, does not make the SELLER responsible. The company does not bear responsibility if the information given to him by the producer of the goods is untrue.

24. The SELLER has the right to collect and use information concerning his clients, despite them being unregistered, to improve the services offered by him. All purposes which the SELLER uses the information are tailored with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable acts and good manners.

25. Information on the previous point cannot be used by the SELLER in case the user has specified he does not agree to that on the e-mail of stock-artdecor.com.

26. The SELLER is not responsible for not completing his obligations in case of unexpected circumstances which he could not predict and is not obligated to predict – incl. random events, problems in the World Wide Web or service delivery not controlled by the SELLER.

27. The SELLER has the right to install cookies on the user’s computer. “Cookies” are a short text file and contain random information, chosen by the server, they are used to keep up the condition of HTTP transactions which are otherwise “stateless”. Usually they are used to certify the identity of a registered individual of certain website as a part of the process of logging in or signing up on the website, the user is not required to put in his username and password again every time he logs in. Others use cookies to keep the user’s “shopping cart” during a session, for personalization of a site (different pages appear to different users), for tracking the access of individual users to a certain website. A browser may allow or forbid the use of “cookies”. The user/client may choose from the browser’s oprions.


28.  The SELLER guarantees his clients/users confidentiality of the provided information and personal data. It will not be used or given to third parties except in cases stated in the current General terms. The SELLER protects his client’s personal data, which were given to him by filling the electronic form for purchase, this obligation is not valid in case the client has provided invalid information. By complying the current legislation and clauses of the General terms, the SELLER may use the client’s data only for the purposes stated in the agreement. Any other purposes which the data will be used for will be tailored with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international acts, ethical norms, rules of the moral and good manners.

29. The SELLER is obligated not to uncover any personal data belonging to the client or third parties – state authorities, trade companies, individuals and others except in cases which he has received a written consent by the client or the information is required by state authorities or officers which have the right to require such information given to them by the current legislation. The SELLER is obligated to provide such information in the name of the law.


30. The general terms may be changed at any time by the SELLER, which has the right to change the characteristics of the provided services and current General terms, also based on changes in the legislation. The SELLER is obligated to notify the user of the changes in the General terms, post them in a place in his site where they can be viewed and give a long enough period for the client to be familiar with them. In the given period if the client does not state that he refuses the changes, he is considered obligated by them. In case in that period the client has stated that he does not agree to these changes then the SELLER has the right to immediately cease delivering service to that client.


31. Under the “User/Client” is considered everyone who has loaded the e-shop of stock-artdecor.com on his/her computer.

32. “Order” is considered the chosen by the client goods and all other attributes related to the delivery and payment method of the client’s goods.

33. The e-shop of stock-artdecor.com is property of the SELLER.

34. All conflicts are to be dealt with a spirit of understanding and good will. In case agreement is not reached all unresolved disputes, including disputes caused by or regarding the interpretation, invalidity, execution or suspension, including disputes about filling misses in the agreement or its adjustment to newly occurred circumstances, will be resolved by the competent court registered by the SELLER, according to the Bulgarian legislation.