Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and personal data

Seller‘s general terms and conditions for the use of

Guarantees its clients confidentiality of the given information and personal data. It won‘t be used, or given away to third persons except in the cases and conditions, written in the General terms and Conditions.

The seller protects the personal data of the client, which were given to him when filling the order completion form, this obligation may be broken if the seller has been given false data.

By keeping the current legislation and clauses of the General terms, the SELLER may use the personal data of the client only for the purposes, provided in the contract. Any other purposes the data will be used for exceptionally will be coordinated with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable international acts, ethical norms, rules of the moral and good manners.

The SELLER is obligated not to uncover personal info of the client to third parties – state authorities, trade associations, individuals and others, except in the case which he has received  a written consent from the client or the information is required by the state authorities or officers, which have the rights to collect such information, given by the current legislation. Only then the SELLER is obligated by the law to provide such information. The SELLER collects and uses information regarding his clients, even if they are not registered, only to improve the offered from him services., using the standart internet protocols and technology may collect and receive data from you in different ways via your use of the e-shop.

You may decide to send us your personal info or other information using the different ways to contact us provided on the webpage „Contact us“ , for example on our e-mail address, telephone number or other means.

We can use „cookies“ or simillar technology which collect certain information for the use of, when you enter, use and view . „the cookie“ is a file situated on a computer or a mobile device, used to visit websites. We do not allow third parties to upload cookies on your device. In the table below is show a brief look of the „cookies“ which are used and the reasons why they are used.

The following file „cookie“ is essential for our e-shop to work.

Name of the „cookie“ file  : Purpose

Cart-content : This „cookie“ keeps information about the cart of the user

The following „cookies“ are not of such significance for our e-shop to work and are usually used for performing, maintaining and improving our services. We do not configure any of these files without your permission.


Name of the „cookies“ file



This „cookie“ remembers the default  language of the user


This „cookie“ notes that the user has participated in a vote


This „cookie“ notes that the user has filled a survey


This „cookie“ the user‘s country preference


This „cookie“ stores the default settings of the user‘s profile


This „cookie“ stores the default settings for the user‘s ID


This „cookie“ stores the default settings for the user‘s profile and ID


This „cookie“ saves the tracing of the work session


This „cookie“ saves the tracing of the work session

Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Omniture, Tealeaf

These „cookies“ are used to gather information about the use of our e-shop by clients. All data, collected with the help of these „cookies“, is anonymous and is not concerning  a particular individual. The information includes data about the number of customers of the e-shop, the location which it was accessed from by the users and which pages were viewed.

You can deactivate „cookies“ form the settings of your browser ( for ex. from the „Preferences“ or „Internet options“ menus). But bear in mind that some functions of may not work correctly with the „cookies“ deactivated. You may visit the following address to get detailed information how to control or delete „cookies“.